CSR in SEA group

The strategic vision of the SEA Group draws inspiration from criteria that emphasize a sustainable generation of value across its 3 main components: economic, environmental and social.

The SEA Group's strategic vision draws inspiration from criteria that emphasize a sustainable generation of value. The latter is constantly being evaluated in its multidimensional character (economic, environmental and social) and within a framework of the strengthening of the 3 components.

The SEA Group defines its strategies in such a way that the resources, actions and tools, focusing on social and environmental sustainability, can be characterised as real investments and, as such, are functional to a correct business risk management and ultimately provide insight to the growth of the organisation.

The sustainable development strategy of the SEA Group focuses on the following areas:

  • identification of initiatives by which to develop a socially responsible approach to the design and management of the SEA Group business in order to guarantee its integration with social and environmental issues, also with reference to the establishment and management of relations with the stakeholders;
  • planning and operational control of initiatives that have been approved within a context of continuous improvement;
  • participation by the SEA Group in associations and entities that are significant in terms of corporate social responsibility;
  • promoting, in agreement with the competent offices, the development and integration of social corporate responsibility issues within the training and internal communication system;
  • coordination of the contents and policies of external communication and information on corporate social responsibility;
  • preparation of official documents and reports on sustainability performance;
  • monitoring of scenarios and guidelines emerging with regards to corporate social responsibility, in order to promote benchmark analyses.