In operating its plants, SEA Energia employs leading edge technology, highly skilled technicians, high safety standards and respect for the environment.

La gestione

Advanced plant technology and the company’s operational strategy allow the plants to be operated using a small internal workforce consisting of only the functions considered vital for optimal control of the production process. In particular, operation of the production process on a continuous cycle process is carried out by highly skilled technicians, 12 at Malpensa and 6 at Linate, working in shifts. These are supported by a technical service manager responsible for coordinating all auxiliary activities assigned to third parties, such as maintenance and technical controls, and by an operation coordinator for the Linate plant only. The operating unit is led by an executive whose staff includes a secretarial service, operating in close contact with the Board of Directors.

Malpensa Energia pays special attention to the safety of its personnel and of all those who come into contact with the plants. In this respect, the experience and work culture inherited from the holding companies help Malpensa Energia to operate with high safety standards at all times. Another strength is its ability to generate energy in maximum-efficiency plants while ensuring the utmost respect for the environment, thanks to the importance given to plant efficiency and consumption reduction. The Malpensa 2000 Plant has been operating continuously since 1998, and has always supplied heating and cooling to the airport’s air conditioning systems, and more recently to the new Cargo City area and hangars. The Linate plant started operating at the end of 2007.

The production of electricity has helped to prevent blackouts due to outages of the national grid, which are possible particularly during summer storms, and has produced high profitability for the shareholders of SEA, owner of the plants. The positive results achieved have led the Company to invest in expanding the Malpensa Plant in order to supply the new airport facilities currently under construction. Today, the Plant heats and cools approximately 3,000,000 m3 of airport buildings, expected to reach approximately 5,000,000 m3 by 2010 once the expansion is completed.

Plant situation at 01/01/2012

Malpensa Airport

The plant has an installed power of 68 MW of electric capacity and 62 MW of thermal energy capacity. The delay in airport development compared to SEA’s expectations generates a surplus of 40 MW electric energy and 30 MW thermal energy. Electric power surplus is sold by SEA Energia to the market, whereas the thermal energy surplus remains unused.

Linate Airport

The plant has an installed power of 24 MW of electricity and 18 MW of thermal energy, plus two heat implementation boilers for a further 60 MW of thermal energy. Thermal energy is sold to SEA Aeroporto Linate and to A2A for the district heating urban areas in Milan.