Malpensa Plant

The Malpensa plant produces electricity, heat and chilled water: part of the electricity is sold to third parties through the national grid, while heat and cooled water are only used inside the airport.

Centrale di Malpensa

The plant’s current configuration includes:

  • Combined cycle 1: one 25 MWe gas turbine (TGC) and one 5 MWe counter pressure steam turbine (TV4);
  • Combined cycle 2: one 30 MWe gas turbine (TGD) and one 5 MWe condensation steam turbine (TV5);
  • One 10 MWe gas turbine (TGA).

Depending on energy requirements, TGD exhaust gases can be conveyed either to 2 simple recovery boilers of 16 MWt each (if heat demand is higher), or to a steam generator (GVR2) for the generation of additional electricity through the TV5 10 MW condensation steam turbine (if electricity demand is higher).
A superheated water production unit inside the GVR2 provides for the production of an additional 3 MW of thermal energy. Another steam generator is coupled to the TGC, for a thermal power of 30 MWt and a “combined cycle” production of 30 MW. Exhaust gases from the TGA are conveyed to the recovery boiler (REC A) for thermal production of 16 MWt.

The thermal section is completed by a 22 MWt natural gas fired ancillary conventional boiler (CB50). The plant’s total thermal power is therefore 87 MW, and its electrical power is 80 MW.

The plant’s automation and supervision system is an essential factor to achieve the operational flexibility required by the cogeneration plant. Malpensa Energia has adopted a system with a distributed control system (DCS) architecture. The advanced technology of the supervision and control system allows a high level of plant automation, such as to eliminate the need for manual interventions during ordinary operation, and to operate the plant with a very small internal workforce.

Technical data

Malpensa plant
Rolls Royce RB 211 gas turbine25 Mwe 
Rolls Royce RB 211T gas turbine30 MWe 
1Mars gas turbine10 MWe
SICES steam production recovery boiler37 Ton/h ¦ 450 °C ¦ 42 bar 
STF steam production recovery boiler41.5 Ton/h ¦ 450 °C ¦ 46 bar 
Nuovo Pignone steam turbine5 MWe 
Franco Tosi steam turbine8  MWe 
BONO simple recovery boilers16 MWt each. 
BONO natural gas and fuel oil fired ancillary boiler22 MWt 
Absorption refrigeration system4,5 MWf each. 
Heat accumulators200 m3 each. 
1Chiller7 MWf
15Kv/132Kv transformers32/40 MVA 
ANCILLARY SYSTEMS: Fire prevention system, superheated water distribution system, MV and LV electrical panels, compressed air system, natural gas reduction system.
Total installed electrical power68 Mwe 
Total installed thermal power62 MWt 
Total installed cooling power36 MWf 

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