Linate Plant

The success of the Malpensa plant supports development of the Linate plant.

Centrale di Linate

The positive experience of Malpensa in trigeneration led the Company to launch a new project planned to start operating in the spring of 2007. The new plant provides heating and electricity to the Milan Linate airport; the importance of this facility for the city of Milan, along with this service, also lies in its ability to generate heat that can be used to supply district heating to the vast urban area bordered by Via Salomone, Via Ungheria, Via Forlanini, Via Mecenate and Via Fantoli (east Milan district heating).
The plant consists mainly of three cogeneration units and the related auxiliary systems. The systems are suitable to operate continuously for approximately 8,000 hours per year. The first engine of each cogeneration unit is the WARTSILA 20V34SG, an alternative natural gas fired internal combustion engine with useful electrical power of approximately 8,000 kWe for the combined generation of electricity and thermal energy. Thermal energy is produced by a system for the thermal recovery of engine exhaust gases, in the form of superheated water (approx. feeding flow temperature 150°C, return flow temperature 90°C) and by engine cooling fluids. The overall thermal power recovered from exhaust gases is approximately 18 MWt, to be added to the portion recovered from cooling fluids, in the form of warm water (approx. feeding flow temperature 70°C, return flow temperature 55°C), for a total of 6 MWt.
In parallel with the circuit recovering thermal energy from the engines, two supplementary boilers have been installed to produce superheated water with a supplied power of approximately 30 MWt each. A thermal storage system with a capacity of 10 MWt allows flexible and economical operation of cogenerated heat. Additionally, in order to meet local emission regulations, the plant is equipped with an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system for nitrogen oxide control.

Technical data

Linate plant
3Natural gas fired engines8 Mwe each.
3Simple engine exhaust recovery systems6 Mwt each.
2Conventional natural gas fired boilers for the production of superheated water30 Mwt each.
2200 m³ heat accumulators5 Mwt each.
215/23 KV elevator transformers15 MVA 
ANCILLARY SYSTEMS: Fire prevention system, superheated water distribution system, MV and LV electrical panels, compressed air system, natural gas reduction system.
Total installed electrical power24 Mwe 
Total installed thermal power78 Mwt 

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