Key investments made by SEA Energia.


Completion of the cogeneration plant (simple cogeneration system) serving Terminal 1 at the Malpensa, which started operating in October 1998. Installed power: 32 MW of thermal capacity and 20 MW of electrical capacity. The investment amounted to approx. € 27 million. Partial funding of this investment was provided by a grant (under Law no. 10 of 1991) of € 3.7 million.

Expansion of the thermal cooling plant at the request of SEA in view of the expected increase in the airport’s thermal cooling load. The project provided for a 25% capacity increase in the production of chilled water, doubling of the heated water storage capacity, and expansion of the heated and chilled water distribution network. The total investment amounted to approximately € 2 million.

Construction of a new cogeneration plant (combined cycle with heat recovery) at the request of SEA in view of the expected growth of the airport; the plant started operating in July 2003. Installed power: 30 MW of thermal capacity, 30 MW of electrical capacity. The investment amounted to € 19 million.

New cogeneration plant at Linate. 
Installed power: 24 MW of electrical capacity, 18 MW of thermal capacity, and 60 MWt from auxiliary furnaces. Total investment: € 28 million.

Conversion of MARS100 gas turbines to combined cycle at Malpensa – Installed electrical power 10 MW. Total investment: € 6.5 million.

Linate Cogeneration Power Plant start-up.
Replacement of the two MARS 100 turbines with a new 30 MWe  Rolls Royce RB211 24 G-T RT61 unit – Power of the second combined cycle: 38 Mwe  Output ηe=48%

TLR network connection between SEA Prime and its third-party customers.
New electric refrigeration cycle 7 MWf. 
Creation of 15 kWp photovoltaic shelter.

A brand new second 7 MWf fridge unit installation.