The Company was created in 1992 under the name Malpensa Energia Srl; the name was changed to SEA ENERGIA S.P.A. in 2011.


Evolution of SEA Energia

SEA (Società Esercizi Aeroportuali), together with 10 industrial partners, establishes the company Malpensa Energia S.p.A., whose purpose was to build and operate energy generation plants.

SEA S.p.A. buys the entire share capital; then, in 1995, sells 49% to AEM (Azienda Energetica Milanese), currently named A2A, with which in the same year it signs a subconcession agreement for the construction and operation of the cogeneration plant of the Malpensa 2000 airport.

The two partners raise the share capital to Lit. 10 billion, and Malpensa Energia starts building the plant in the configuration planned for the completion of the first phase.

Construction work is completed concomitantly with the start of operation of the new Malpensa 2000 airport, whose energy requirements are fully met since the very beginning (25 October 1998). A large airport is an excellent recipient for the combined generation of electricity and heat, as it guarantees that the supply will be absorbed with a high level of continuity, day and night all year round.

March 2009
A2A S.p.A. sells its minority stake to SEA S.p.A.: as a result, SEA’s ownership of Malpensa Energia increases from 51% to 100% of the share capital.

May 2011
SEA puts in place a new identity system aimed at further strengthening its corporate identity while making its multiple areas of operation consistent and easily identifiable. The brand is also used in the names of SEA Group companies to reflect their specific missions, and Malpensa Energia changes its name to SEA Energia.